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Name Title/Department Campus Bldg-Room Office Tel
Gailes, Katie Ann
[email protected]
Director, Entrepreneurship Initiatives
Corp. & Business Solutions
WEST MILL - 205 919-335-1004
Galeyeva, Lyudmila [email protected] Assistant Professor 9M Mathematics
401N ND - 459 919-532-5808
Gandy, Christopher Norman
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Philosophy
401S SB - 204J 919-866-5250
Gantt, Nicole Lynn
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Academic Success
First Year Academy
401S SB - 365 919-866-5310
Gardner, Teresa Dawkins
[email protected]
Payroll Accountant
Financial & Accounting Svcs.
401S SM - 110A 919-866-5908
Garner, Edward P
[email protected]
Lead Laboratory Training Technician
Bionetwork Capstone Center

Garnes, Anthony [email protected] Recruitment and Outreach Officer
Recruiting & Outreach
401S SA - 142 919-866-6873
Garrett, Carrie Lanier
[email protected]
Instructional Support Assistant II
Individualized Learning Ctr
401S 919-866-5375
Gaylor, Courtney D.
[email protected]
Financial Aid Specialist
Financial Aid
401N NC - 218-D 919-532-5732
Gemperlein, Monica Palmer
[email protected]
Associate Vice President, CE Open Enrollment Programs & CCO
Workforce Continuing Education
BEC BEC - 110A 919-334-1520
George, Josephine [email protected] Assistant to the SVP, Effectiveness & Innovation
Effectiveness & Innovation
401S SM - 241-A 919-866-5315
Getty, Emily Kathleen
[email protected]
Instructor 9 M Biology
Life Sciences - Biology
401N NH - NH-261 919-532-5649
Gibbons, Ian Joseph
[email protected]
Employer Relations Coordinator
Career & Employment Resources
401S SA - 150 H 919-866-6118
Gibbons, Karen Bourner
[email protected]
Assistant to the Dean, Mathematics, Sciences & Engineering
Mathematics, Sciences & Egr.
401S SC - 217 919-866-5557
Gibson, Kenneth Tyrone
[email protected]
Photo ID Assistant (Temp. PT)
Student Activities
PSEC - Front 919-866-6100
Gibson, Mark Thomas
[email protected]
Dean of Student Development/Student Conduct
Student Development
401S SL - 128B 919-866-5404
Gilbert, Stuart Craig
[email protected]
Instructor 9M A/C Heating & Refrigeration
A/C, Heating, & Refrigeration
401N NJ - 104 919-866-6214
Gilleland, Katharine Boyes
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Music
Foreign Lang/Fine Arts - Music
401N NE - 339 919-532-5823
Gilmore, Wesley W.
[email protected]
Infrastructure & Telephony Systems Manager
Infrastructure and Operations
401S SB - 112 919-866-5126
Goldsmith, Cody Jacob
[email protected]
Campus Police Officer
Campus Police & Security Svcs
BEC BEC - police 919-866-5943
Goldstein, Kathleen Mary
[email protected]
Accounting Technician
Financial & Accounting Svcs.
401S SM - 110 919-866-5172
Goltermann, David Moirgan
[email protected]
Financial & Accounting Svcs.
RTP RT1 - 113 919-335-1214
Gonzalez Camacho, Emilio [email protected] Instructor 9M Early Childhood Education (Bilingual)
Early Childhood Associate
401S SA - 114 919-866-5744
Goodson, Mattie Drummond
[email protected]
Instructor Medical Laboratory Technology
Medical Laboratory Technology
HS AHB - 332 919-747-0173
Goodson, Mary F
[email protected]
Instructor, Service Occupations
Correction Education
- NCCIW 919-733-4340
Goodwin, Wendell Blake
[email protected]
Vice President of Facilities
Facilities Operations
401S SM - 208A 919-866-5148
Graber, Peter Thaddeus
[email protected]
Web Programmer
Enterprise Solutions
401S SB - 151 919-866-5562
Grace, Gwendolynne J
[email protected]
Academic Advisor
401N NB - 254 919-532-5873
Grady, Ryan Elizabeth
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Simulation and Game Development
Simulation & Game Development
401S SE - 327J 919-866-6203
Graham, James Edison
[email protected]
Instructor 10M IT Technical Support (NWCCA)
Networking Technology

Graham, Angela Maria
[email protected]
Director, College and School Relations
Edu.Pathways & Partnerships
HS HEB - 129 919-747-0020
Graham, Andrew Bradley
[email protected]
Coordinator/Instructor, Corrections & Detention Training
Public Safety
PSEC - 1902 919-866-5830
Graham, William Keith
[email protected]
Barber Instructor/Director
Prof.Svsc&Vocational Training

Grandy, Stephanie Ann
[email protected]
PTI Service Occupations
Service Occupations
PSEC - 1902 919-866-5830
Gray, Karen Mogensen
PTI, Baking & Pastry Arts - Stipend
Baking and Pastry Arts
401S SL - 28B 919-866-5613
Gray, James E.
[email protected]
Technical Services Librarian - 50% (FT Temp)
Library Services
401S SD - 102 919-866-5644
Green, Robert Wayne
[email protected]
Campus Police Officer
Campus Police & Security Svcs
401N ND - Police 919-866-5943
Green, Juanita Duke
[email protected]
PTI - Receipt Supported Occupational Ext.
Receipt Supported Occupational
HS HS - 523 919-747-0173
Green, Tamika Verchelle
[email protected]
Instructor Heavy Equipment Operator
Vehicle/Equipment Systems
401S SP - B113 919-866-5431
Greenberg Gattis, Julie Anne
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Art
Foreign Lang/Fine Arts - Art
401S SB - 357 919-866-5970
Greene, Donna Gayle
[email protected]
Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Officer
Executive Vice President
401S SM - 310C 919-866-5143
Greene, Tonya Jenkins
[email protected]
Administrative Department Head, First Year Academy
Acadmc Success & Tnstn.Resrcs
401S SB - 364 919-866-5303
Gregory, Jonathan W
[email protected]
Director, Basic Law Enforcement Training
Public Safety
PSEC - 1910 919-866-6104
Gregory, William Rowland
[email protected]
Instructor, Cosemtology (FT Temp.)

Grice, Leroy [email protected] Warehouse Technician
Business Support Services
401S 919-866-5536
Grieb, Susan Lynn
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Psychology
401S SB - 277 919-866-5877
Griffin, Richard Bret
[email protected]
General Facilities Technician
Facilities North East

Griffin, Toye D.
[email protected]
Admissions Counselor
HS HS2 - 114 919-747-0025
Griffin, Robin A
[email protected]
Enrollment Specialist
Student Services Admin
RTP RT1 - 105E 919-335-1208
Griffis, Kandy Cotten
[email protected]
Human Resources Technician
401S SM - 214-6 919-866-5941
Grimes, Tonya O.
[email protected]
Manager of Formal Procurement
Business Services
401S SM - 110Bc 919-866-5916
Grizzard, Brenda Kay
[email protected]
Admissions Records Assistant II
401S SL - 121-E6 919-866-5435
Grossman, Stephanie Anne
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Business Administration
Business Administration
401N NK - 253 919-532-5570
Grovenstein, Tiffany Nicole
[email protected]
Instructor 9 M Psychology
401S SB - 271 919-866-5573
Guellich, Joseph D.
[email protected]
Instructor 9 M Mathematics
401N ND - 467 919-532-5756
Guerrant, Susan M
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Networking Technology
Networking Technology
401N NB - 348 919-532-5556
Guerrier, Jerry [email protected] Director, Design and Construction
Facilities Design & Construct
401S SM - 208E 919-866-5528