Employee Directory
Name Title/Department Campus Bldg-Room Office Tel
Fabela, Jessie
[email protected]
End User Support Analyst (FT Temp)
End User Services
Fabre, Jose Vidal
[email protected]
Recruitment and Outreach Officer
Recruiting & Outreach
Northern Wake Campus NB - 209A 919-866-7216
Faircloth, Kim
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Office Administration
Office Administration
Southern Wake Campus SE - 320H 919-866-5374
Farmah, Harish Kumar
[email protected]
Associate Registrar, Continuing Education
Continuing Education Registrar
BEC BEC - 156A 919-334-1522
Farmer, Kela P.
[email protected]
Assistant Director, Student Leadership & Student Govt Assoc
Student Activities
Northern Wake Campus NB - 152 919-532-5935
Farrell, Scott E.
[email protected]
Instructor, Automotive Systems Technology
Automotive Systems Technology
Northern Wake Campus NR - 240R 919-532-5605
Faulkner, Monica M
[email protected]
WakeWorks Apprenticeship Career Navigator
Northern Wake Campus ND - 361 919-866-7214
Fauver, Michelle Lynn
[email protected]
Senior Communications Coordinator
Communications and Marketing
Northern Wake Campus ND - 347 919-866-7113
Fecht, Brandon Allen
[email protected]
Virtual Inst, ILC (Math), Grant Funded, Time Limited (75%)
Individualized Learning Ctr
Felden, Jonathan
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Sociology
Northern Wake Campus NH - 245 919-532-5882
Fellows, Scott Alan
[email protected]
Warehouse Operations Manager
Business Support Services
Southern Wake Campus WHS - 132B 919-866-5536
Fergus, Erin E.
[email protected]
Assistant Professor/Assoc Dept Head, Hlth & Fitness Science
Health and Fitness Science
Southern Wake Campus SN - 111 919-866-7230
Fernandez, Rosa M
PTI-Physical Science - Chemistry
Physical Sciences
Fescoe, Kyle Matthew
[email protected]
Data Center and Cloud Services Engineer III
Infrastructure and Operations
Southern Wake Campus SB - 112 919-866-5115
Figueroa, Joseph
[email protected]
College and Career Readiness Data Coordinator
CCR Program Accountability
Filyaw, Kimberly A
[email protected]
Accounts Receivable Technician-Student Accounts & Offset
Financial Services
Southern Wake Campus SM - 110-2 919-866-5729
Finch, Dwan Hope
[email protected]
Assistant Professor Nursing
Associate Degree Nursing (Non-
Perry Health Sciences Campus HA - 335 919-747-0082
Fishback, Kimberly A
[email protected]
Department Head, Life Sciences
Mathematics & Sciences
Southern Wake Campus SC - 239A 919-866-5587
Fishback, Cassandra Jane
[email protected]
CCP Enrollment and Academic Advisor (Temp PT)
Career & College Promise
Southern Wake Campus SA - 144
Fisher, Julie Christine
[email protected]
Instructor, Nursing
Associate Degree Nursing (Non-
Perry Health Sciences Campus HA - 355 919-747-0147
Fisher, Landis Neal
[email protected]
Procurement Manager
Business Services
Southern Wake Campus SM - 108Bf 919-866-5832
Fisher, Derek Aaron
[email protected]
Network and Cloud Infrastructure Engineer II
Infrastructure and Operations
Southern Wake Campus SB - 112 919-866-5202
Fitch, Holly
[email protected]
Student Success Coach
Care Center
Perry Health Sciences Campus HA - 157 919-866-5123
Fitts, Sierra S
[email protected]
Education Navigator, WCE Financial Resources & Stu Support
Financial Resources & Stu Supt
Flaherty, Kevin J.
[email protected]
Instructor 9 M Business Administration
Business Administration
Northern Wake Campus NK - 247 919-532-5666
Fleggas, Elena
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M English
Northern Wake Campus NE - 455 919-532-5750
Fleming, Carol L.
[email protected]
PTI-Business Administration
Business Administration
Southern Wake Campus SA - 156L 919-866-6293
Fleming, Rhoderick Eugene
[email protected]
Associate Department Head Math and Physics
Mathematics & Sciences
Northern Wake Campus ND - 447 919-532-5855
Flippo, Geoffrey Robert
[email protected]
Facilities South West
Southern Wake Campus ST - 111A 919-866-5542
Flores, Ana J
[email protected]
Technical Assistant, Non-Credit Computer Education
Noncredit Computer Education
Northern Wake Campus NC - 309 919-866-7210
Floyd, Kamper
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Philosophy
Southern Wake Campus SB - 204J 919-866-6522
Foley, Meghan B.
[email protected]
Instructor Radiography
Perry Health Sciences Campus HA - 227 919-747-0056
Forbes, Sherry L
[email protected]
Talent Acquisition Consultant
Employee Relation&Talent Mgmt
Southern Wake Campus SM - 214-11 919-866-5887
Ford, Leighton C
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Mathematics
Math and Physics
Northern Wake Campus ND - 461 919-866-5886
Forde, Mbalia L
[email protected]
Instructor, Service Occupations
Correction Education
Foster, Allecia
[email protected]
Records Technician
Continuing Education Registrar
Foster, Brandon Lee
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Biology
Life Sciences - Biology
Southern Wake Campus SC - 222 919-866-5592
Foster, Patricia
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Psychology
Southern Wake Campus SB - 283 919-866-5200
Foster, Farah Sian
[email protected]
Instructor/Clinical Coordinator, Medical Sonography
Medical Sonography
Perry Health Sciences Campus HA - 236 919-747-0019
Fowle, Maggie
[email protected]
Instructor, English as a Second Language
BEC BEC - 330-C
Fowler, Brian
[email protected]
Provisioning & Deployment Manager
Infrastructure and Operations
Southern Wake Campus SB - 138 919-866-6353
Fowler, Corey
[email protected]
Laboratory Assistant, Automotive Systems Technology
Transportation Tech - General
Northern Wake Campus NR - 240C 919-532-5863
Fowler, Steven Vaughan
[email protected]
Director, Fire Services
Fire Services
Public Safety Education Campus PSEC - 1214 919-866-6124
Fowles, Lisa Ann
[email protected]
Sponsored Programs Coordinator
Sponsored Programs
Southern Wake Campus SM - 243-2 919-866-5078
Fox, Sarah Elizabeth
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Spanish
Foreign Lang/Fine Arts-Spanish
Northern Wake Campus NE - 345 919-532-5906
Fox, La'shunda N
[email protected]
Enrollment Navigator (Grant Funded)
Academic Advising
Northern Wake Campus NB - 243
Fox, Allison
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Art
Foreign Lang/Fine Arts - Art
Southern Wake Campus SB - 357 919-866-5387
Fraites, Melanie Jp
[email protected]
Instructor 9 M Biology
Life Sciences - Biology
Northern Wake Campus NH - 257 919-532-5611
Franklin, Veronica D.
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Graphic Design
Digital Media & Web Developmnt
Southern Wake Campus SE - 321C 919-866-5379
Frear, Lori A.
[email protected]
PTI-Life Sciences - Biology
Life Sciences - Biology
Frederick, Kathy
[email protected]
Director, Student Work Exp & Emp/Univ Advisory Partnerships
Faculty Training & Development
Southern Wake Campus SA - 168E 919-866-5693
Freeman, James Edward
[email protected]
Sr Professor/Pgm Director, A/C, Heating, & Refrigeration
Skilled Trades: A/C,Htg & Ref
Southern Wake Campus SR - 110 919-866-5168
Freeman, Missy
[email protected]
Admissions Records Assistant I
Admissions Records & Comm
Southern Wake Campus SL - 121E-2 919-866-5436
Frisby, Nancy Wyatt
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Cosmetology
Southern Wake Campus SG - 106
Fryar, Mara Fish
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Sociology
Southern Wake Campus SB - 285 919-866-5882
Fullwood, William Rea
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Pre-Curriculum Mathematics
Academic Foundations
RTP Campus RT1 - 326J 919-335-1286
Fussell, Clay Stokes
[email protected]
Coordinator/Instructor Brewing Program
Occupational Services
Northern Wake Campus ND - 437 919-866-7212
Fussell, Karen Hilton
[email protected]
Associate Professor9M Mathematics
Math and Physics
Northern Wake Campus ND - 439 919-532-5626