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Name Title/Department Campus Bldg-Room Office Tel
Earle, Emerson Michael
[email protected]
PTI - Health Occupations (HC CPR)
Health Occupations
HS HS - 323 919-747-0046
Eatman, Crystal Faith
[email protected]
ITS Business Services Technician I
Office of the CIO
401S SB - 358 919-866-5516
Eatmon, Justin Logan
[email protected]
Instructor 9M English
401N NE - 441 919-532-5643
Eaton, Kimberly Linhart
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M Psychology
401N NH - 233 919-532-5592
Eddington, Lora Marie
[email protected]
Dean, Applied Engineering & Technologies Division
Applied Egr & Technologies
401S SF - 213 919-866-5332
Edgerton, Yolonda Monique
[email protected]
Instructor 9M Human Services Technology
Human Services Technology
401N NB - 356 919-532-5627
Edgerton, Calvin Ray
[email protected]
Professor 9M Construction Management
Construction Management Tech
401N NJ - 101 919-532-5900
Edwards, Scarlet Tison
[email protected]
Dean of Advising and Student Success
Academic Adv & Studnt Success
401S SL - 137-B 919-866-5457
Edwards, Daniel Wade
[email protected]
Project Manager
Facilities Design & Construct
401S SM - 208C
Edwards, Allen Wayne
[email protected]
General Facilities Technician
Facilities South West
401S SA - 127 919-866-6781
Edwards, Jean Stewart
[email protected]
Administrative Assistant
Computer Technologies
401S SE - 321-S 919-866-5395
Egan, Gerard W.
[email protected]
Associate Professor/Department Head Automotive Systems Tech
Automotive Systems Technology
401S SP - B103 919-866-5254
Elhertani, Nesren Nabil
PTI - First Year Academy - STP
First Year Academy

Ellis, Jacob M
[email protected]
Evening Librarian
Library Services
401S SD - 102 919-866-5651
Emadi, Shahrzad D
[email protected]
Assistant Professor/Center Coordinator, ILC Math
Individualized Learning Ctr
401N NF - 468 919-532-5569
Emerick, Cherie Anne
[email protected]
Campus Police IT Liaison
Campus Police & Security Svcs
401N BE - 226 919-532-5783
Engel, Susan K
[email protected]
PTI - Office Systems Technology (Stipend)
Office Administration
Enkema, Philip Baron
[email protected]
PTI - Database Management
Database Management

Eskandari, Aisha [email protected] Instructor 9M Simulation & Game Development
Simulation & Game Development
401S SE - 327H 919-866-5376
Etheridge, John Richard
[email protected]
Associate Professor 9M English
401S SB - 386 919-866-5269
Eure, Michael [email protected] Student Success Coach (Title III) (Grant Funded)
Student Services Admin
401N NB - 259 919-532-5917
Evans, Shelley M
[email protected]
Instructional Designer (Grant Funded, Time Limited)
Strategic Innovations
401N NH - 222 919-532-5836
Evans, Darrin Andre
[email protected]
Director, Virtual Learning Center (Grant Funded, Time Lim.)
Strategic Innovations
401S SD - 28 919-866-5636
Evans, Julie Christine
[email protected]
Assistant Professor 9M Advertising & Graphic Design
Advertising and Graphic Design
401S SE - 321D 919-866-6175
Evans, Zanita P
[email protected]
Technical Assistant
401S SL - 121D-1 919-866-5525
Evarts, Jennifer Lynn
[email protected]
Professor 9M English
401N NE - 445 919-532-5820