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ELN-133: Digital Electronics

This course covers combinational and sequential logic circuits. Topics include the following:

  • Number systems
  • Boolean algebra
  • Logic families
  • Medium-scale integration (MSI) and large-scale integration (LSI) circuits
  • Analog to digital (AD) and digital to analog (DA) conversion

Upon completion, students should be able to construct, analyze, verify and troubleshoot digital circuits using appropriate techniques and test equipment.

Requisites: Take 1 group; Option: Take DRE-098(S23643); Option: Take ENG-002; Take previously. Required.Take 1 group; Option: Take DMA-010 DMA-020 DMA-030 DMA-040(S23170) DMA-050(S23171) DMA-060(S23172); Option: Take MAT-003; Take previously. Required.

Total Class Credits: 4
Class Credits: 3
Lab Credits: 3
Clinic Credits: 0

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