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BTC-275 Industrial Microbiology

This course covers principles of microbiology and the impact microorganisms have on man and the environment in industrial settings where controlled environments are commonplace. Topics include the structure and physiology of various classes of microorganisms, microbial pathogenicity, infectious diseases, identification schemes, and prevention or minimization of contamination in biomanufacturing industrial settings. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate knowledge and skills including microscopy, aseptic technique, staining, culture methods, identification of microorganisms, and performing environmental monitoring.

Requisites: Take BIO-110(S13284) BIO-111(S13307) BIO-163 BIO-165 or BIO-168(S11555); Take previously. Required.

Total Class Credits: 4
Class Credits: 3
Lab Credits: 3
Clinic Credits: 0

See Wake Tech's Biotechnology program for additional courses and educational offerings.

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