Past Events and Activities

September 2021
09-18-2021 Men's Soccer Louisburg College
09-17-2021 Last Day to Withdraw with W Grade for Fall 1st 8wk session - No Refund
09-17-2021 Women's Soccer at Louisburg College
09-17-2021 Women's Volleyball Pitt Community College
09-17-2021 Fat Boys Food Truck-SWC
09-17-2021 MoonRunners Food Truck-SNWC
09-17-2021 Chess club meeting
09-17-2021 Last Day to Add a Class for Fall 12wk Session
09-17-2021 Recruiter Outreach - South Garner HS
09-17-2021 Walk-In COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic
09-16-2021 No Food Truck-SWC
09-16-2021 Mr. Mongolian Food Truck-SNWC
09-16-2021 UNC Charlotte Virtual Table Visit
09-16-2021 Walk-In COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic
09-16-2021 East Carolina University Virtual Table Visit
09-15-2021 Men's Soccer at Camp Community College
09-15-2021 Bulkogi Food Truck-SWC
09-15-2021 Chick-N-Que Food Truck-SNWC
09-15-2021 Will and Pops Food Truck - BEC
09-15-2021 Campbell University-Raleigh Campus Virtual Table Visit
09-15-2021 Recruiter Outreach - Wake Forest HS
09-15-2021 Recruiter Outreach - NC Society of Hispanic Professionals
09-15-2021 Walk-In COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic
09-15-2021 Virtual Meeting - Spanish Club/Sigma Delta Mu (all are welcome)
09-15-2021 UNC Greensboro Virtual Table Visit
09-14-2021 Women's Volleyball St. Augustine University
09-14-2021 Buoy Bowls Food Truck-SWC
09-14-2021 Buoy Bowls Food Truck-SNWC
09-14-2021 Chess club meeting
09-14-2021 College to Career Tips with Dell Technologies
09-14-2021 Mr. Mongolian Food Truck - BEC
09-14-2021 NC State University Virtual Table Visit
09-14-2021 First Day of Classes for Fall 12wk Session
09-14-2021 Recruiter Outreach - Holly Springs HS
09-14-2021 Recruiter Outreach - East Wake HS
09-14-2021 Walk-In COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic
09-13-2021 Women's Volleyball at Lenoir Community College
09-13-2021 Las Gringas Food Truck-SWC
09-13-2021 Poblanos Food Truck-SNWC
09-13-2021 Nurses Christian Fellowship Bi-Weekly Meeting
09-13-2021 Winston Salem State University Virtual Table Visit
09-13-2021 Test Your US Constitution Knowledge
09-13-2021 Last Day to Drop a Class with a 100% Refund for Fall 12wk Session
09-13-2021 Recruiter Outreach - Knightdale HS
09-13-2021 Recruiter Outreach - Heritage HS
09-13-2021 Walk-In COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic
09-10-2021 Mr. Mongolian Food Truck-SWC
09-10-2021 Mr. Wingz and Mrs. Thingz Food Truck-SNWC
09-10-2021 Chess club meeting