Dr. Stephen C. Scott is the third president in Wake Tech’s history. His personal focus is on continuous improvement through a process called Applied Benchmarking.

Faculty Rank

Published on: 02-09-2015

We all know what a difference good teachers make! At Wake Tech, our faculty members have distinguished us as a quality institution, a provider of the very best instruction and training.

Faculty are critical to our mission, which is why we’ve established a faculty rank system to recognize and reward the best and brightest – and to entice others to join us. This month, 63 faculty members were promoted in a special ceremony, where they earned new titles, along with salary increases!

This is the second year for our peer-driven faculty rank system, where instructors with five years of service at Wake Tech were eligible to apply for a promotion to assistant professor, associate professor, professor, or senior professor. In its inaugural year nearly 200 faculty members were promoted. As the program is phased in next year and beyond, faculty with three years of service will be eligible. 

But here at Wake Tech, faculty rank is about more than just years of service. It’s about innovation and commitment to excellence. Our faculty wouldn’t want it any other way – in fact, it was faculty who developed the system, through our Applied Benchmarking process. Applied Benchmarking is our continuous improvement initiative that asks employees to research best practices at other institutions and apply them at Wake Tech. Faculty developed the ranking system, and they remain engaged through a peer-review process in which they evaluate innovative classroom strategies, leadership, community service, and more to determine who will be promoted.

This incentive and reward system has been positively received throughout the campus community as a way to do something more for our teachers, who do so much every day for students. 

A Fresh Start

Published on: 01-07-2015

Happy New Year! As the spring 2015 semester begins, Wake Tech enrollment is going strong, with more than 21,000 students registered for classes in our curriculum programs and thousands more in workforce continuing education programs. We continue to add courses and programs to meet the needs of these students, and more and more of those are online. In fact, Wake Tech now has the largest number of online students of all the colleges and universities in the state! We start this semester with about 9,500 curriculum students taking online courses – making our “online campus” the largest of Wake Tech’s campuses. We offer degree, diploma, and certificate programs completely online now, as well as in hybrid formats that combine classroom and online instruction. Last year, more than half of our curriculum students took at least one online class, and that percentage continues to climb. In the past five years, the number of students who took only online classes has doubled. The increase in online students has prompted Wake Tech to launch a new effort to help these students succeed. EPIC, as it’s called (e-Learning Preparedness Initiative across the College), is designed to remove barriers to online success by helping students become more prepared for and proficient in online courses, and by helping faculty become better online teachers. EPIC fits into our commitment to the Gates Foundation’s Completion by Design framework. 

We also start this semester with the opening of a new facility. The Beltline Education Center, on Bush Street in Raleigh, focuses on students who are preparing for high school equivalency testing, those learning English as a Second Language, and others seeking short-term training to get back into the workforce. 

We want students to excel and to feel supported and confident, whatever mode of learning they prefer, at whichever Wake Tech facility they choose. New initiatives and innovative strategies are all part of our commitment to excellence and student success.

A Holiday Greeting

Published on: 12-04-2014

Another holiday season reminds us of how much there is to be grateful for every day at Wake Tech: the excitement of new ideas, opportunities to learn and grow, student successes, faculty and staff achievements, collaborations with valued partners, and the rewards of meaningful work as part of this dynamic community. We thank you all for supporting our mission and wish you happy holidays!