Dr. Stephen C. Scott is the third president in Wake Tech’s history. His personal focus is on continuous improvement through a process called Applied Benchmarking.

August 18th, 2015

An Epic Year Ahead

Welcome to the fall 2015 semester at Wake Tech! I always find it exciting to see students arriving on our campuses, ready for new challenges.

2015-16 is going to be an epic year, in every sense of the word! First of all, we have more students enrolled than ever before, and on average, they’re taking more class hours. We now have more students taking online classes than any community college in North Carolina, and we want to make sure they succeed! EPIC (eLearning Preparedness Initiative across the College), our multi-year, college-wide effort to improve student success in online courses, is progressing nicely. We’ve now tested the E-learning Orientation with more than 5,000 students, and 93% of them have completed it successfully. This fall we’ll roll out additional learning modules with videos, as well as a training program for faculty that leads to certification in online instruction.

Many other exciting new programs are underway at Wake Tech, such as the new Global Logistics/Distribution Management program, and new Business Administration programs in Global Business Management and in Marketing. These fields offer students new pathways to rewarding careers. We have new facilities as well, including our Beltline Education Center, which opened last March. It offers new options for completing high school equivalency testing and learning English as a Second Language. It also houses our new Advanced Manufacturing Center and Cosmetology School.

With every new year and new initiative, it’s important to recall the attributes that make Wake Tech what it is: reputable, welcoming, passionate, high-quality, life-changing. The citizens of our region count on Wake Tech for outstanding education and training; they know we’ll deliver courses and programs of the highest quality. Our staff and faculty are passionate about what they do, and about providing a welcoming and supportive environment for all those who come to Wake Tech to discover a brighter future. Wake Tech is a community of educators and professionals who are dedicated to helping people change their lives for the better.

Here’s to an epic, life-changing year!

May 2nd, 2015

Commencement: A New Beginning

Graduation is always exciting at Wake Tech, and we are tremendously proud of our spring 2015 graduating class – a record-breaking 1,467 students!

They can be proud, too, as they look back at their hard work and the sacrifices they’ve made. Students arrive at Wake Tech to follow dreams, reinvent careers, make good on promises they made to themselves. What they learn here changes the direction of their lives, and that of their families and their communities.

These graduates will take their places at the forefront of a highly-skilled workforce that our communities need and that today’s (and tomorrow’s) industries demand. Companies move to our region to find competent workers with training in the latest techniques and technologies, and Wake Tech is doing its part to make sure workers have those skills and credentials. We’re training a workforce in information technology, biotech, and other specialized areas as well as in “niche” industries such as business analytics and global logistics. We want local and regional employers to know that our graduates are ready to go to work and that they are qualified to meet – and exceed – expectations.

Graduation is not an end but a beginning. Wake Tech will continue to offer education, training, and resources to help these graduates as they begin careers, start new ventures, and discover their full potential. There’s always something more to discover at Wake Tech.

April 2nd, 2015

Discovering Wake Tech

It’s spring at last – warmer air, brighter sunshine, and palpable excitement as students everywhere near the end of another academic year. It’s also the time that students visit colleges, look ahead and explore higher education options for the fall. For those eager to start on a life-changing journey, now’s a great time to discover Wake Tech!

Our campuses are in bloom, and our college is continuing to expand and evolve to meet changing needs. We’re adding new space on our Northern Wake Campus, where technical programs, from plumbing to baking, will be available for the first time. Wake Tech is the go-to source of training for many of the skilled workers who keep our region humming.

We love welcoming new and prospective students into our college community with open house events and other special activities. I’m always thrilled to see students’ excitement as they discover all that Wake Tech has to offer – courses and programs designed with their academic and career needs in mind, the convenience of multiple locations (including a vast “campus” online), enthusiastic professors with workplace experience and know-how, and small classes where learning is hands-on, interactive, and collaborative.

What’s most exciting is that students discover themselves here – what they’re good at, what they love doing, and potential they sometimes didn’t know they had. And once they do, there’s no stopping them! Discovering possibility is a powerful thing. We’re glad to be a part of helping students discover themselves and the promise of the future as they discover Wake Tech.