Dr. Stephen C. Scott is the third president in Wake Tech’s history. His personal focus is on continuous improvement through a process called Applied Benchmarking.

National Career Development Month

Published on: 11-09-2016

Autumn is truly beautiful at Wake Tech, as the gorgeous colors on our many trees reach their peak. Under these trees, I see students studying, working on projects together, or heading to the library or their next class. Our students are serious about their purpose here: They’re positioning themselves to graduate and go on to great things – advanced studies, great jobs, rewarding careers.

I’m so thankful our students have our Career and Employment Resources (CER) professionals to help them make the journey from academics to the working world. This is National Career Development Month, and CER is hosting events that offer students opportunities for career exploration and development. Sessions will include leadership training, social media tips for budding professionals, and networking parties. All are designed to help students apply what they’ve learned in the classroom and shape their future. 

National Career Development Month is a wonderful opportunity to highlight the importance of career preparation, while helping our students sharpen the skills they’ll need to land the perfect career. Let’s celebrate by supporting our students in making the leap from college to the workforce.

Early Voting on Southern Wake (Main) Campus

Published on: 10-19-2016

When the dust settles, 2016 will be remembered for the most highly-contested presidential contest to date – and we’re all feeling a certain “election fatigue.” But the democratic process is important for all of us, no matter our party or political leaning, and for our country. 

Wake Tech was proud to participate in that process by hosting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on September 27. She spoke to a crowd of more than 1,400 in the gymnasium, while an overflow crowd of more than 800 in the Student Services Building watched on big screens. The high-profile rally was a great opportunity to welcome visitors to our campus, and put Wake Tech in the national spotlight. 

Before the registration deadline, Wake Tech welcomed non-partisan organizations to our campuses to register voters and encourage all to exercise their constitutional right on election day. We also partner with TurboVote to provide election reminders. And on October 27, a portion of the Physical Education Building will open as an official early voting site. For 10 days, Wake Tech will welcome Wake County citizens as they vote for leaders at the local, state, and federal levels. 

They will also have an opportunity to vote on the Wake County Public Transportation Referendum, which will triple bus service and bring commuter rail service to our rapidly-growing region. The referendum appears at the end of the ballot. 

It is indeed a privilege to have a voice in these decisions that will shape our future in so many ways. Whether you’re a first-time voter or never miss an election, thank you for making your voice heard!

Innovation in the Air

Published on: 08-25-2016

Good-bye summer, hello fall! As the new academic year begins, I’m reminded of the excitement I felt as a student when school started each year – getting back to class and working toward my dreams through higher education. I see that excitement and enthusiasm in our students amid the hustle and bustle on campus at the start of each semester. 

I know this is going to be another amazing year! We started the semester with a record 22,500 students enrolled for the fall semester. Ninety-one percent of our seats are filled, and that tells me the residents of Wake County believe in Wake Tech’s mission to change lives through education. 

How will Wake Tech remain a leader in training a competitive workforce? We’re adding new programs and building new facilities all the time. On our Northern Wake Campus, we’ve opened Building H, which houses science programs and an innovative STEM lab where students can conduct research. We’ve also completed the third phase of renovations at our Public Safety Education Campus, which now includes an indoor firearms range for law enforcement training. 

New programs include IT Software and Web Development, IT Mobile Application Developer, and Mission Critical Operations. These programs will offer our students new pathways to rewarding careers – or further study. 

Finally, we’ve broken ground on our brand new RTP Campus. It’s poised to be a “next-generation learning environment” that can meet the needs of students and corporations in western Wake County and Research Triangle Park. 

The residents of our growing region count on Wake Tech for affordable education and training. As the population increases and technology evolves, Wake Tech will stay at the forefront of education and workforce training innovations. In fact, we’ve established a new division focused specifically on innovation and effectiveness – to guide us as we move forward. 

It’s indeed an exciting time for our students, our college, and our community. And I look forward to charting our course together!