Episode 2: Financial Aid for Continuing Ed

This is the conclusion of a two-episode conversation with Wake Tech Vice President Anthony Caison. Learn about the multimillion-dollar TechHire grant and how students participating in the program are gaining valuable experience. Plus, gain insight on how scholarships are available to students. Lastly, hear how social media impacts the Workforce Continuing Education division.

Published on:Feb. 03, 2021

Episode Guest

Anthony Caison

Anthony Caison has worked in education for more than 20 years and has been with Wake Tech Community College since 1997. He has served in several leadership positions, including chief campus officer for the Western Wake and Public Safety Education campuses. In 2013, Caison was named vice president of Workforce Continuing Education, which provides training to area residents, large and small businesses, community organizations, municipalities and public safety personnel. He is a native of southern Illinois and is also an Army veteran.