Wake Invests in Women and Wake Tech

Wake Invests in Women (WIIW) is dedicated to closing the gender wage and representation gaps in Wake County and the Triangle Area. To bridge those gaps, WIIW is creating a broad and collaborative network of organizations from private, public, government and nonprofit sectors. We aim to encourage innovative thinking through sharing best practices and celebrating successes to eliminate gender inequality in Wake County. Our ultimate goal is to achieve gender equality and create a level playing field for all.


  • Wage parity: Closing the gap in occupational wages between males and females in Wake County and the Triangle area.
  • Representation: Increasing the proportion of females in high-demand, high-wage, high-growth fields in Wake County and the Triangle area.
  • Career advancement: Increasing the proportion of females moving through the management pipeline.

Wake Tech serves as the backbone of WIIW, providing both administrative and logistical support. The college also is a key collaborative partner. Not only did Wake Tech help launch the Career Guides Mentor Program, but its academic programs and student support services help keep the pipeline of women entering STEM fields across the region flowing.

Your contribution will help us build a skilled workforce and strengthen our talent pipeline. We appreciate your generosity.

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Career Guides Mentor Program

Wake Invests in Women Career Guides Program

If you're looking to enhance your networking skills and advance your professional development, consider joining our Career Guides Mentor Program. It provides a unique opportunity to interact with career professionals in Wake County and the Triangle area. You'll receive a host of benefits, such as developing new skills in career readiness, building a strong professional network and boosting your confidence. The program is open to all Wake Tech students, regardless of gender, so seize this opportunity to gain an edge in your career.

Your Career Guide Mentor will help you:

  • Develop and maintain a professional mentoring relationship
  • Improve decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • Enhance communication and networking skills
  • Gain exposure to new perspectives and career possibilities
  • Build confidence in setting and achieving goals
  • Practice new skills at networking events

Student participation details

  • Eligibility: Any Wake Tech student currently enrolled in any program, regardless of gender, can participate.
  • Expectations
    • Participate in Career Guides student orientation (September)
    • Meet one-on-one with your mentor at least once per month (October – April)
    • Participate in at least one professional development opportunity during the program (October – April)
  • Time commitment: One to two hours per month (September - April)

Become a Wake Tech Career Guides Partner


Visit Wake Invests in Women to learn more about becoming a Career Guides Mentor or a WIIW partner.

Wake Invests in Women staff

Kasey Ashton
Dr. Kasey Ashton

~ Contact Info ~

Southern Wake Campus
Montague Hall - 318F

919-866-5075 (office)

Julia Groom
Julia Groom
Program Coordinator

~ Contact Info ~

Southern Wake Campus
Montague Hall - 318H

919-866-5013 (office)