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Wake Invests In Women

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Our Mission

To close gender wage and representation gaps for women in STEM occupations in Wake County and the Research Triangle region.

Who We Are & What We Do

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Workforce development initiative aimed at closing gender wage and representation gaps in STEM occupations, where the inequities for women are greatest.

First priority is on Black and Latina women in STEM occupations who experience the largest gaps.

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Public-private collaboration to attract women to high-demand, high-paying occupations while developing strategies and action plans for achieving pay equity.

Why This Matters to Wake County

  • Increases career mobility and reduces the opportunity gap for Wake County citizens
  • Develops a diverse workforce which strengthens our County’s economy
  • Enhances the pipeline of diverse talent available to local employers
  • Helps retain STEM talent who graduate from our area’s great educational institutions
  • Increases economic stability of our entire region

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How to Get Involved

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Commit to closing the gender wage gap – or volunteer with our organization

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Become a collaborative partner to increase representation and strengthen the STEM pipeline

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Implement research-based best practices into your organization

Contact Information

Dr. Kasey Ashton
Director of Wake Invests in Women
College Initiatives and Assessment
[email protected]