Episode 3: Game Development and Esports

Game development is complex work and big business! Hear how Wake Tech's Simulation and Game Development program is leading the next generation of industry professionals.

Published on:Apr. 09, 2021

Episode Guests

Cindy Foster

Senior Professor/Program Director, Simulation and Game Development

Chase Sommer

Esports Coordinator

Episode Notes

Wake Tech is one of the few if any institutions in the country where game development is an academic degree and gaming is a competitive sport. Dr. Scott Ralls welcomes two guests –  Cindy Foster, senior professor and director of our simulation and game development (SGD) program, and Chase Sommer, our first coordinator of Esports at Wake Tech.

News Update: Laurie Clowers, Vice President of Communications & Marketing shares more about our fall semester plan. Learn Well, Fall 2021 Plan outlines what our students and the community can anticipate.

Pro Tips: LaTonya Parsons, Coordinator, Student Money Management provides proven tips to help you better manage your hard earned money. From saving to spending, having a plan can lead to improved financial stability.