Episode 32: Military & Veteran Services

Wake Tech serves thousands of veterans and their families each year. Special programs and resources are designed to support and enhance their educational experience by assisting with the transition into higher education to achieve their career goals.

Dr. Scott Ralls welcomes Wake Tech Associate Vice President for Military & Veterans and Special Programs Scarlet Edwards to discuss the role of Military & Veteran Services at the college. You also meet Nick Drake, North Carolina State University's director of Military and Veteran Services Division of Academic and Student Affairs. Nick shares more information about a unique partnership between Wake Tech and N.C. State to collectively support veterans and their dependents in Wake County.

At Wake Tech, the mission of the Military & Veterans Services Department is to help student veterans and eligible dependents transition into higher education and achieve their career goals. Staff members are committed to providing veterans with the highest-quality academic support services:

  • Assisting with VA Education Benefits
  • Facilitating the transition into college life
  • Providing support for their ongoing academic success
Published on:Nov. 09, 2023

Episode Guests

Scarlet Edwards

Scarlet Edwards is associate vice president for Military & Veterans and Special Programs at Wake Tech.

Nick Drake

Nick Drake is director of Academic and Student Affairs' Military & Veteran Services Division at North Carolina State University.