In January 2012, Sr. Vice President Rita Jerman created a new position to strengthen assessment in Enrollment and Student Services (ESS).

In order to support our staff, since fall 2012, ESS has been participating in:

  • Data days, meetings where divisions and departments discuss institutional effectiveness planning as it relates to their operational outcomes, program outcomes, and student learning outcomes
  • Assessment training, building capacity in assessment knowledge and skill
  • Using the data, implementing improvement strategies and inform decisions based on data

Why We Assess

Assessment allows ESS divisions to fulfill the college mission in the most effective and productive manner to drive continuous improvement.  Assessment informs ESS strategic planning and allows ESS to be a good steward of college assets.  

Assessment helps answer

  • “Are we making a difference in the lives of our students?”
  • “What do we want students to know, be able to do, or value as a result of our program or service?”
  • “What evidence do we have that the work we do in ESS has made an impact on students' persistence and success?”  

SPA Priorities

  • Create and lead an evidence-based culture
  • Promote outcome-oriented thinking and data-informed decision making
  • Build talent and increase assessment knowledge
  • Develop infrastructure to facilitate efficient, systematic, and reliable assessment
  • Support the use of technology to advance assessment
  • Connect assessment to strategic planning, decision making and resource allocation
  • Cultivate ethical assessment practice