Non-Credit Student Log In - Moodle

WELCOME STUDENTS! Please make sure to carefully review the very important log in information below.

Username Formula:

  • First letter of first name
  • First letter of middle name (omit if no middle name)
  • Last name
  • Last two digits of your Social Security Number or SSN
    If your SSN is not on file at Wake Tech, substitute the day of the month of your birthday in two-digit format.
  • Log-in is all lower case, no spaces.


  • Suzie Q. Student would use the log-in name sqstudent33.
  • Jane (no middle name) Student would use the log-in name jstudent02.
  • Married female students may need to use the initial of their maiden name. Mrs. Suzie Q. Student Online would log in with ssonline33.

Password Formula:

  • Use your birthday in MMDDYY format.


  • April 7, 1985, would be 040785.

For further assistance, please email [email protected]