ILC Writing Center Procedures & Resources

The ILC Writing/Study Skills Center serves students who are working on component skills for writing and studying as well as students who are engaged in the writing process.


An appointment and a student ID are required to use the Writing/Study Skills Center. Students can reserve their time in the Writing/Study Skills Center by:

  • Scheduling appointments in advance. These appointments may be secured up to two weeks in advance.
  • Scheduling appointments on the same day. These appointments may be scheduled in person on the same day that they are to be held. Please note, they are not walk-in, on-demand appointments.
  • Students who miss two scheduled appointments without calling to cancel will lose the privilege to schedule advanced appointments for the remainder of the semester. They will continue to be able to use the Center’s services on a same-day basis only.

Study Skills Appointments:

The focus of study skills appointments is component skills. Though we may use a paper or assignment as a guideline, the center of the session is a basic concept that needs to be taught or improved.

Study Skills Appointments include:

  • Learning Styles appointments
  • Assistance with study habits, skills, and strategies
  • Understanding instructor’s assignments
  • Study strategy workshops

Writing Center Appointments:

The focus of writing center appointments is steps in the writing process. Though we do look at papers in these appointments, we focus on teaching skills that will help the student to improve as a writer and not just errors in an individual paper.

Students may schedule up to four appointments for any given paper:

  • one appointment for brainstorming and organization
  • two appointments for review of grammar, content, and formatting
  • one appointment for MLA, APA, or Chicago style documentation

What Happens When You Come for Writing Help?

  1. Tutors will ask initial questions to ascertain student’s priorities. This dialogue helps the tutor to know what the student wants from the session and helps the student to become actively engaged in the session.
  2. Tutors will never write on a student’s paper, only on the prescription form. Students are encouraged to take notes as well. This process allows students to maintain ownership of their writing.
  3. Tutor and student will focus on a set of issues based on the student’s concerns, rather than every issue in the paper.
    • It is not possible to evaluate every issue in the paper, and tutors may not be able to read the whole paper.
    • It isn’t the mission of the Writing Center for students to leave with a perfect, proofread essay. Our main goal is to focus on teaching skills that will help the student to improve as a writer and not just errors in an individual paper.
  4. Tutors will offer instruction on weak areas, discuss strategies for finding and fixing those errors, and provide extra practice using handouts or online sources. However, it is the student’s responsibility to make the final decisions about the paper and do the actual writing.
  5. Tutors will end the session by discussing next steps that the student can take after leaving the session and suggesting some resources for continued practice of the skills learned.

Ready to Get Started?

Appointments may be made in person, or by calling a Writing and Study Skills Center.