ILC Computer Center Procedures & Resources

How Should I Prepare for Tutoring?

For a successful tutoring experience:

  • Complete all preliminary reading and exercises required for the assignment or project you plan to discuss with your tutor. This is critical!
  • Make a list of questions and/or things you would like to accomplish in the computer center.
  • Bring your text and related materials to the computer center.
  • Print a copy of, or be prepared to access assignment information in Blackboard.
  • Have a flash drive on hand, or be prepared to email or save work in a cloud storage environment.
  • It is a good idea to call ahead to make sure that specialized tutors will be present.

What Will My Tutor Do?

  • A tutor specialist in your focus area will connect with you to review your visit goals and discern your learning style and preferences.
  • In our unique computer center environment, tutors float between students at specialized computer stations, building academic confidence and encouraging self-sufficient learning.

Computer Center tutors can:

  • Review course concepts
  • Answer questions
  • Demonstrate concepts and techniques
  • Reinforce best practices
  • Troubleshoot and review troubleshooting techniques with students
  • Guide students through difficult areas of course materials
  • Provide tutor created supplemental materials and carefully selected outside resources

Computer Center Procedures

Computer Center tutors float between students in a collaborative environment focused on student success. Our enthusiasm for the subject matter is contagious! Appointments are not required. Specialized tutor schedules are posted.

What Will I Do When I Arrive?

  1. Swipe your WTCC Student ID (required in-hand for center access) upon arrival, and select your session course focus.
  2. Retrieve your daily log card from the log card file station. (You will receive a new card on your first visit each semester.)
  3. Check-in with a tutor to log a focus area for your session.
  4. Settle at a computer in the appropriate station, and raise your hand when you are ready to work with a tutor.
  5. As you leave the Computer Center, swipe your student ID to log-out, and drop your log card in the designated container.