Biological Sciences Center Workshops

Targeted Review Series for Anatomy and Physiology

Stop by the Perry Health Sciences ILC building, or call 919-747-0233 to sign up for a review workshop.

The ILC will help you succeed!

Review sessions are 50 minutes and are held in the ILC. Content is targeted to:

  • BIO-163
  • BIO-168
  • BIO-169

...but students in any course are welcome to attend! Space is limited, so sign up early.

Chemistry Boot Camp

Atoms, ions, molecules and the periodic table - Just the basics

Biomolecules Demystified

Characteristics of the four major types of biological macromolecules: carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids

Protein Synthesis: The Flow of Information

An overview of the processes of transcription and translation: turning genetic information into proteins.

Mighty Muscles

The process of contraction: from initiation through sarcomere shortening

Autonomic Nervous System

Sympathetic vs. parasympathetic: their functions and pathways

What's Your Type?

A B O Blood Types and compatibility

Immunity and the Role of Lymphocytes

T-Lymphocytes, B-Lymphocytes: What are they and how do they help?

Nuances of Nephrons

The process of urine formation: filtration, absorption, and secretion

Digestion: Start to Finish

The process of food breakdown, and the enzymes an hormones that assist the process.

Reproductive Hormones

Hormonal control of the ovarian cycle, uterine cycle, spermatogenesis and oogenesis