Prospective Students

The goal of our services is to provide you with the information necessary to make meaningful career decisions and to develop a plan of action to assist you in reaching your career goals.  Career exploration sessions are provided through our Career Lens (career exploration labs) at our various campuses.  

Career Lens involves: 

  • Self-Assessment - Evaluating your interests, values, abilities, and transferable skills as they relate to the world of work
  • Career Research - Gathering career data and information about job duties, skills, salary, and job market availability and growth
  • Training/Education - Learning about Wake Tech’s program requirements and career pathways that lead to employment in the various fields of work

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the Career Counselors tell me what career is best for me?
Career Counselors will guide your career development process by connecting you to resources and services that will assist you in making informed decisions.  In this process, you will be able to further evaluate program options, explore career goals, and strengthen your career plans.

How much does the Career Lens cost?  
There is not a cost for any of our career exploration sessions offered through Career Lens.  The only costs will be related to the time, energy, and focus you invest in your career planning and development. 

Who can participate in the Career Lens sessions?
Whether you are a prospective or returning student, Career Lens is available at a campus location near you. 

How much time is involved in the career exploration process and how many Career Lens sessions should I attend?
The process depends on the individual student’s needs.  While some may benefit from brief sessions, others may require guidance over extended periods throughout the semester.  You will determine your level of participation and utilization of the career services available to you.  You are encouraged to attend as many sessions as necessary to make informed, defined decisions regarding your career plans. 

Do I have to make an appointment to attend Career Lens?

No reservations are required.  Career Lens has a flexible, open entry-exit format that can be accessed throughout the entire semester.  View this semester’s Career Lens schedule and join us!

For further information, contact Laura Bethea at [email protected] or 919-866-5424.