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Enhance Your Resume, Nail The Interview, Explore A New Career

HRD (Human Resources Development) courses provide employability skills training and assistance for adults who are trying to find employment, transitioning back into the workforce, or working to redefine their professional niche in today's global market. 

Classes are designed to address the current needs and trends of the complex and constantly changing workforce.

*All HRD courses are fee-waived for qualifying individuals who are unemployed, "underemployed," or who have received notice of layoff or pending layoff.*

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Beat the Applicant Tracking System and Get Your Resume NoticedHRD-3001AV21 available classes
Fabulous formatting and strong action verbs are not enough to get your resume a second look – computers, not human beings, are doing the scanning. Computerized screening has dramatically changed the way job seekers get noticed. Find out how to make sure your resume survives...
Career Lens Lab (Career Exploration)HRD-3002Z23 available classes
Are you unsure about your college major, program of study, or career path? Ready to find the career that's right for you? Great news! Career Lens Labs are open entry/exit sessions designed to help you clarify your interests, skills, and values; explore education and career o...
Career Transitions Forum: Lecture Series for Business ProfessionalsHRD-3006X21 available classes
Are you changing careers? This course is for you. Enjoy lectures, activities, and opportunities for networking and support. Topics vary weekly and incorporate professional community resources that provide a current, real-world perspective on the job market. Craft strategies...
Confidence Focused InterviewingHRD-3001AC22 available classes
Everyone has strengths and abilities regardless of their age, education, or income level, but few people know how to communicate those strong points to others! As a result, they may go unnoticed and remain unknown to colleagues, supervisors, and prospective employers. This...
Discover the Career That's Right for You!HRD-3004CH21 available classes
Are you ready to find your perfect career, but have no idea where to start? If you’re feeling stuck, unsure, or confused, don’t worry! It is possible to discover the career that’s right for you. In this course, you will use some powerful tools to clarify your skills, intere...
Networking, Resources and Job HuntingHRD-3001AH21 available classes
In difficult times, job seekers sometimes need a new perspective to land a job. This course explores both traditional and innovative job search methods. Participants will understand how to create a pro-active job search plan that strategically maximizes their efforts and uti...
Resume Style and OrganizationHRD-3003AV22 available classes
Students will review and assess their strengths and weaknesses in the context of employment experiences as they learn to customize their resumes to build and convey self-confidence. This course also covers resume organization and formatting, styles, and the role information...
Roadmap to Working from HomeHRD-3004BT21 available classes
Hundreds of employees work from home each day. Learn how to land one of those jobs. Review the needed skills and explore legitimate opportunities to work remotely. Establish a plan and set goals for working from home.
YOUR Resume is Your Roadblock!HRD-3001BQ21 available classes
Resumes are designed to get interviews, but a poor resume can hinder your career. This class will help you examine your resume for common pitfalls. You will learn how to use your resume as a tool to advance your career.
And That's Why You Didn't Get the Job!HRD-3001BP2
Break the cycle of not getting the job you deserve by uncovering common pitfalls that occur in the various stages of the job search process. You will learn the most common mistakes on resumes and applications. The class will also cover interview errors that hinder employme...
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