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AAS - Associate in Applied Science program (WT Course ID #: A25590MA)

The Web Technologies curriculum prepares graduates for careers in the information technology arena using computers to disseminate and collect information via the web.

Course work in this program covers web design, web scripting and markup, databases, web programming, e-commerce, web content management systems as well as mobile applications development and UI/UX. Studies will provide opportunity for students to learn using industry standard software and technologies.

Graduates should qualify for career opportunities as designers, programmers, or developers in the areas of web development, web design, web services, mobile application development and other related areas.

The Mobile Applications Developer Degree covers the developing of mobile content, both apps (applications) and websites. Focus is on iOS and Android operating systems

Certificates program (WT Course ID #: C25590MA)

This Certificate covers the development of apps for Android devices.

Certificates program (WT Course ID #: C25590MI)

This Certificate covers the development of apps for iOS devices.