Art Studio

Our beautiful, floor-to-ceiling windows offer northern exposure and allow natural light to flood the art classrooms and studio spaces. We have created a non-toxic studio environment with an emphasis on health and safety standards. Our studios include a variety of woodworking, electrical, and hand tools for 3-D classes, along with easels, presses, drying racks, and specialized lighting to allow students to excel in artistic endeavor while working on the requirements for the AFA degree.

3-D Art Studio

Tools and Equipment

  • 10” chop saw
  • Bandsaw
  • Floor-mounted drill press
  • Various drills and hand-held electric tools
  • Assorted chisels, rasps, and hand tools for sculpting
  • Heavy-duty work tables
  • Slab roller

2-D Art Studio

Tools and Equipment

  • Tilt-top drafting/drawing tables
  • Heavy-duty easels for classroom
  • Plein-air/portable easels
  • Conrad E15 Etching Press
  • Light table
  • Skeleton, plaster models and a variety of still life objects

Exhibition Spaces and Opportunities

  • Walker Display System for student and professional display in the Atrium Space in Building E, Northern Wake Campus.
  • Cases for 3-d and small works
  • Display at Flavors Restaurant on Southern Wake Campus