Foreign Language Placement Testing

The main objective of foreign language placement exams is to determine what is the best level for students to continue their language studies at Wake Tech. Credit earned through the placement exam counts towards graduation requirements from Wake Tech. However, students are strongly encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor to determine how credits earned through placement may impact their transfer. Students may be eligible to take a foreign language placement test if they fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Native speaker: Someone who received primary literacy education in the language.
  • Heritage learner: Someone who did not receive primary literacy education in the language but whose family members speak the language.
  • Students who have earned a grade of B (87) or better on each of THREE years of high school study of the same foreign language.
  • Students who have lived or studied in a country in which the language is spoken.  

Transfer students returning to the study of a foreign language they began in high school but have not pursued at the college level.
Note: Students who have completed a curriculum foreign language course at Wake Tech are not eligible to take placement exams. 

Placement tests are free; they may be taken only once. Tests are given using computerized adaptive software called CAPE (from Brigham Young University). The tests last 5–40 minutes, and results are given immediately. Students must present a picture ID.  

Schedule a Placement Test

You may take foreign language placement exams at the Testing Center on Southern Wake Campus (SL226), Northern Wake Campus (NB209), or the RTP Campus (Room 101).

Stop by the center between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and ask for the test; or make an appointment online. Go to Register for Testing link and sign up as if planning to take the ACCUPLACER exam. On test day, tell the administrator you need only the French, Spanish, or Chinese portion of the test. 

Questions? Contact [email protected].