President's Advisory Council

Purpose - The major purpose of the President’s Advisory Council is to advise and assist the President. The President’s Advisory Council serves as a review, research, evaluation, and planning group, thereby assisting the President in formulating sound management decisions. The normal procedure for bringing matters before the President’s Advisory Council is to submit them through the appropriate council representative either as a recommendation or a request.

Dr. Scott Photo
Dr. Stephen Scott
Dr. Green Photo
Dr. Gayle Greene
Executive Vice President
Anthony Caison Photo
Anthony Caison
Vice President, Workforce Continuing Education
Benita Clark Photo
Benita Clark
Vice President, Human Resources and College Safety
Laurie Clowers Photo
Laurie Clowers
Vice President, Communications and Public Relations
Sandra Dietrich Photo
Sandra Dietrich
Vice President, Curriculum Education Services & Chief Academic Officer
Wendell Goodwin Photo
Wendell Goodwin
Vice President, Facilities
Rita Jerman photo
Rita Jerman
Senior Vice President, Enrollment and Student Service/RTP Campus CCO
Bryan Ryan Photo
Bryan Ryan
Senior Vice President, Effectiveness and Innovation
Dr. Ryan Schwiebert Photo
Dr. Ryan Schwiebert
Vice President, Information Technology Services
Matt Smith
Matt Smith
Executive Director, Wake Tech Foundation
Marla Tart Photo
Marla Tart
Vice President, Finance & Business Services
Vickie Jones Photo
Vickie Jones
Administrative Assistant
Kelly King Photo
Kelly King
President, Staff Council
Deborah Maness Photo
Deborah Maness
President, Faculty Association

Membership - The permanent membership of this council consists of the vice presidents and all other administrative employees who report directly to the President, the Staff Council President, and the Faculty Association President. The President or his designee serves as chairperson of the President’s Advisory Council.

Authority - Formal actions taken by the President’s Advisory Council become recommendations to the President. Final College action will be taken by the College President and the Board of Trustees as appropriate.